Diner en blanc Mexico City second édition

If I would tell you that you would walk 1 km carrying a folding table, two chairs, a gourmet dinner for two, some candlesticks, decorations, champagne and then have a picnic in some unknown place in Mexico city, would you go? Well that’s the power of marketing because people are actually networking and trying every connection they have to get on the happy few list.

I was fortunate enough to experience my second Dîner en Blanc in Mexico DF a few days ago and it was magical. Imagine 2500 people elegantly dressed in white dining by the light of candle in front of the Castillo de Chapultepec under the patronage of Moët et Chandon. After the traditional helicopter napkins, white balloons and  bengal lights, we were charmed by an opera singer standing astray on a pinkly lighted island, serenaded to by some live Piaf songs and we danced the night away along the glimmering lake. Surreal…Image

This event started 25 years ago in Paris, a few friends deciding to enjoying an elegant picnic together in one of the most iconic places of the city of lights. Today, it is around 15,000 friends who reunite for this traditional event and it has now propagated to 40 cities in the world. I cannot wait for next year’s one…



To learn more about Diner en Blanc Mexico city, visit



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