Mexico Design Week, october 2013

If you think that mexican design is only about hammocks, multi coloured houses and bright miniature umbrellas in your cocktail drinks, well you might have to think again.

Mexico city is celebrating its design week and numerous events are popping up, celebrating the diversity of contemporary mexican design. Let’s start with the Affordable Art Fair in Reforma exhibiting various galleries from Mexico but from around the world too showcasing the latest in their artists’ latest work.


From traditional “calacas” or ornated skulls and pistols, hey we are in Mexico after all, to evanescent asian water colours from a Corean gallery, every body could find a work of art to bring home. And as its name said, the art was for once affordable with special wall of under 5000 pesos pieces. And since we are in Mexico and that kids are king, parents could peacefully pace the floors and peruse at the art while their children were experiencing some painting and serigraphy ateliers.Image

Personnaly, I really liked the Iphone shaped art from Santiago Corral

L1010358For more information about Mexico Affordable Art Fair or to be part of the next one, visit


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