A storm in a tea cup

As many, I have subscribed to several trend and fashion newsletters. From Moda Operandi to J.Crew and the Zoe reports for the fashion ones to more basic barnes and nobles and amazon ones. Though I flick rapidly through some – who really cares about a pumpkin nail polish remover Mrs Z. ? –  I am always certain to scout incredible finds on Ahalife.com a website referencing beautiful, eco chic, cutting edge or trend setting products from all over the world.

As the temperature is slowly falling – yes, indeed in Mexico city it can get chilly, don’t forget that we are up, up, in the air here – I really enjoy a nice cup of tea. And what better than a piece of porcelain acknowledging that you definitely have some assets?

Check out this cute little donkey one


or my favourite, the Guns n’ roses one


For more information on these statement tea cups and mugs any many more products, visit



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