Louis Vuitton City Bags, a natural history

Drying out the last tear drops from Marc Jacobs’ departure after 16 years spent as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, the legendary “malletier” or suitcase maker just launched a book about the iconic lugages and bags the brand has ever came up with since its creation in 1854.

Designed as a natural history book, it unfolds in a chronological way and the bag family tree helps understand the evolution of the designs as it suited new trends or customer needs. Did you know that the Bucket bag, or sac seau, was originally created for a customer who wanted to carry four bottles of champagne to a party? Let’s just hope it was some Moet et Chandon bubbles…

They are all here, from the ancestors Steamer bag, Vanity case, Alzer suitcase and the Keep All who gave birth to newer versions such a the Speedy, the Alma, the Lockit and the Neverfull. A journey through times, an homage to the collaborating artists who made the legendary monogrammed purses even more covetable, Takashi Murakami and her kawai flowers, Stephen Sprouse and its tags and lately Yayoi Kusama and her polka dots… They are all here, celebrating 159 years of arm candy creation.

“Les sacs de ville Louis VuittonĀ : une Histoire Naturelle” by Taschen is available in a limited toiled box set with eleven illustrations for 125 euros, or at 65 euros in book stores.


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