British designer bag thief vs afro american Barneys buyer

A few days ago, I read that a 48 year old woman with an addiction to designer handbags stole 905 of them over three years before getting sentenced to 18 months of jail.

Jayne Rand went into department stores without carrying a handbag, tried one on and left the department store with the leather piece over her shoulder. She stole almost one a day in a three-year crime wave without being caught making the british court say that she was a more successful criminal than professional shoplifting gangs.

The 905 stolen bags ended then on eBay and she made up to £220,000 to fund her expensive life style. The more astonishing is that neither her husband nor her kids knew what she was up to. they apparently never noticed the bags coming in and out nor the hundred of sealable grey delivery bags and Post Office receipts the police found around her house. Really?

What I found even more flabbergasting as Brits would say is that by judging by the looks of the lady, sales clerks could have been a little more cautious. She looks a little frumpy to me to have an addiction to luxury hand bags, and I know my case, believe me.


But who says that you have to look like a million dollars to be able to legitimately buy a luxury good? Apparently not the Barneys’ sales person who called the NYPD upon a 19 year old Queens student who bought a $350 Salvatore Ferragamo belt. The clerk thought he couldn’t have the means to make such an expensive purchase and the NYC College of Technology freshman was asked by the cops how he could afford to buy such an expensive belt after handcuffing him and taking him to a local precinct.

Despite showing the officers the receipt for the belt, his ID and the debit card used, the cops and the sales persons were positive that his ID was a fake. Christian, who saved up money for the pricey accessory from his part-time job at college, said he returned the belt and never plans to shop at the Madison Avenue store again.


This horrible racist story led Barneys to publish a statement on their facebook page stating that

“Barneys New York believes that no customer should have the unacceptable experience described in recent media reports, and we offer our sincere regret and deepest apologies.

Further to our statement of yesterday, we want to reinforce that Barneys New York has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. We are a strong proponent of equal rights and equal treatment for all human beings.”

Well, let’s hope that the despicable racist employee was fired, may we should let her know that her president who has been reelected is black…

Well, the white designer bags thief and the young afro american buyers are two different cases and are not related  but one cannot help but wonder what if the bag thief had been black, or the student buyer wasp?


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