Georgio Armani’s “One Night Only” event

Yesterday for the first time since the Fifth Avenue store opened in 2009, Mr. Gorgio Armani threw a lavish party  to showcase his retrospective exhibition, Eccentrico. This was such a major fashion event that Mayor Blumberg dedicated the day to the italian designer while some 700 friends, family, loyal Armani clients, editors and some high-caliber celebrities gathered at the SuperPier at Hudson River Park to give an homage to one of the favourite designers of the Oscars.


“I’m the perfect Armani woman,” Glenn Close stated matter-of-factly, shortly after stepping off the red carpet “It’s classic and beautiful and you can still be yourself. You don’t have to worry about all the frou frou and stuff, you know? I’m a yankee, after all.” Take that Gaga…

“I think it’s fair to say he changed the paradigm for classic elegance,”was the praise Renée Zellweger gave to Mr. Giorgio Armani and his sense of style.”


Glen Close and Zellweger were  joined by a coterie of bold-faced names, which included Lauren Hutton, Coco Rocha, Olivia Munn, Ellen Barkin, Jamie Tisch, Harley Viera Newton, Atlanta de Cadenet and a sneaky Leo di Caprio who averted photographers but seated at the front row of the designers’ fashion show, a first in many years. All gathered to toast Mr. Armani and his impeccably chic and effortless style.

Even though Mr. Armani shied away from the US, America represent one the his biggest market, the public having adopted his idea of style from the opening of his first store in NYC in 1989.  “A big show presenting my haute couture collections to the American public and an exhibition revealing the perhaps unknown side of my work is my way of saying thanks.” explained Giorgio Armani .

And when Mr. Armani says thanks, he does it the Italian way, generously and excessively. For 12 days, the SuperPier underwent  massive work to express Giorgio Armani’s world  bearing an exhibition space, a nightclub and a runway show venue. To mark the occasion, Armani also created a “Nude” ready-to-wear collection influenced by the fall couture, exclusive to his Madison Avenue boutique as well as at Bergdorf Goodman.


“One Night Only” and “Eccentrico” are not new ideas. The latter exhibition of unique clothes and accessories was previously shown in Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Rome, though the New York layout has been altered with additions and large photographs of some of the pieces on the walls.

“The idea of ‘One Night Only’ is an idea that’s been around since 2001,” Giorgio Armani said. “Things in the world have changed a lot. If you look in the recent years, many brands and many other people do a lot. There are a lot of big events happening around the world. I feel that sometimes someone has to also give, and give back to the city.” And, he added, he was keen not to go overboard but make a statement that was powerful but also made sense for the company — “One has to find a fine line…an equilibrium,” he noted

Well, I am sure that New York is very thankful for all you have done for her too Mr Armani.

Photos courtesy of Steve Eichner



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