From blood to polish, Nars honoring Guy Bourdin

The name sounds familiar doesn’t it? Guy Bourdin, the french photographer whose saturated colours and very graphic style appealed to 70’s and 80’s fashion staples like Vogue, Charles Jourdain, Claude Montana, Gianni Versace etc.

Well, it is his very bright and distinctive aesthetic, his way to play with colours and lights which gave Francois Nars the will to become a make up artist. Looking at this picture, we can indeed immediately imagine a very thick, shiny red nail polish.images

Red lips, red nails, red outfits… Bourdin could compile a photo book entitled “Fifty shades of red” but since apparently he didn’t, Francois Nars took the lead buy creating a limited capsule collection of lipsticks, nail polishes, blushes, eye shadows and make up clutches honoring the fashion photographer.presentation_35881368_north_545x

A holiday collection coming up on November 1st that will empower you and make you feel like a studio 54 goddess. And what about these irresistibily cute clutches to carry them around?


Perfect with an Alaïa dress or a vintage Claude Montana or Thierry Mugler padded jacket.

To learn more about the Nars Guy Bourdin capsule Collection, go to



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