The Design house in real

A few days ago I blogged about the design house, a quite shabby dwelling taken over by some of the most well known mexican architects and designers who transformed it into a spectacular home. Well, inspired myself by the video of the previous revamping, I finally got the time to visit Ruben Dario, 157 and I was in awe.

A gigantic wooden 5 welcomed you to this fifth edition of Design House.



As I entered the lobby, an exquisite, soothing yet very chic lobby imagined by “Ma Maison” made me want to rethink the design of my own home. I was especially smitten by the ethereal paintings which remind me of Turner landscapes.The balance, harmony and  pale palette made this room extremely serene and welcoming.





For more information on Ma Maison, visit them at the Blend Design Store located at

Palmas 520 • Lomas de Chapultepec • CP 11000 México, DF
+52 55 1085 4705 

or go online at


The most extraordinary room of the house was probably the dining room were thousands of dried plants hanged from the walls and ceiling, creating a cosy, intimate and very warm atmosphere. probably the exact opposite of the entrance in term of feeling and use of colours.



I had already scouted this recycled cardboard light fixtures 3 years ago in a design fair  in New York City and I must say that the dimmed light they cast creates a perfect warm and darker atmosphere for dining rooms, making guest wanting to linger over their meal and extend the conversation. Dinners must be more of a convivial and social experience than just a quick gobbling up of food.


This environmentally and socially responsible collection of lighting called Scraplights by Graypants is made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. Scraplights are precision cut with a laser, then assembled by hand. Each light is truly unique as the handmade process causes slight variations in colour and corrugation pattern.

For more information on these pendants or to buy them, visit

The many rooms that were displayed were each unique yet creating a feeling of harmony through out the house. Within all the amazing design and objects that were showcased, I had a massive crush on these two globed ethereal skulls manufactured in Italy.

L1010433These mesh and embroidered fabric artefacts are so delicate and somewhat feminine that it counter balance their morbid theme. And living in Mexico has made me a collectionist of skulls objects in any material and form. these beauties are available at Colección Interiorismo located in Calderón de la Barca 97C in Polanco

Another very cool fixture was these two full moon sculptures hanging over a dark sunken bath tub. A modern and exuberant twist on this zen staple.


And what about this cool lounge roof top designed by Marcqo, opened on a zen garden where miniature horses and cows were gazing on a vegetal wall  to learn more about this designer, visit http://www.marqco.comL1010464





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