Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons

If I said to you pink, bubbles, happiness, freedom, femininity, the first image that would pop to your mind would be pink champagne of course.

To celebrate its Rosé Vintage 2003, Dom Pérignon needed an exceptional Artist to glorify this exceptional millésime. And who better than Jeff Koons, one of the most recognized and solicited of all contemporary artists to give life to a spectacular creation both bold, sensual and playful? The fact that Jeff Koons exhibited his giant sculptures in Versailles in 2008 and that Dom Pérignon was the champagne of the Sun King might be a mere coincidence.


Over the last year, Dom Pérignon and Jeff Koons have enjoyed a unique collaboration which led to the unveiling of the Balloon Venus in New York a few days ago. Always pushing the limits of  boldness and creativity, Dom Pérignon and Jeff Koons’ collision gave birth to a modern version of a voluptious, inflated, feminine yet audacious Venus, inspired by the Venus of Willendorf, a tiny paleolithic figurine dated around 23,000 BFC.

Hiding the precious bottle in her womb, a modern day goddess of love was born, embracing her beholder in reflective curves.

Produced in a limited series of 650 pieces worlwide, each Dom Pérignon Venus Balloon by Jeff Koons is handcrafted and made to order in a high quality polyurethane resine, manually assembled and polished in France. This beauty comes with a price tag of 15,000 euros but if you can’t splurge on the sculpture, there’s a very nice consolation price. A limited edition of Dom Pérignon by Jeff Koons gift box, available just in time for the holidays. Pink for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2003 Rosé Champagne and yellow for the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 one. Cheers!



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