The Kate effect

A few days ago, magazines and social medias were all about the new Paul Mac Cartney video where Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were to “reunite”. Just a steamy journalistic word to say that they were to play a cameo in the new Queenie Eye video, as well as as an impressive choral cast including Jeremy Irons, Jude Law, Sean Penn, Tom Ford, Meryl Streep, Laura Bailey, Alice Eve to name a few. We are not even sure that they were on the set at the same time. Johnny Depp shot during the first day and Kate Moss took the late shift of the second and last day.

Check by yourself

So what was all the fuss about? Old pictures of the young couple blossomed all over the net even though each of them found love elsewhere. OK, they were young, beautiful, rich, famous and had only eyes for each other. Nothing really new under  Hollywood skies.

But more than just tabloids trying to sell papers,  I think this has more to do with the Kate effect. Tinker Bell’s powder had the power to make people fly well Kate Moss seems to revamp the career of everybody she crosses path with. Because frankly, we, french people, weren’t really happy with the way Johnny Depp tossed our national pride, Vanessa Paradis, after 14 years and two kids for a glorious Bimbo whose only noticeable talent is claiming every where that she is bisexual.


But after the rumour that Kate reunited with Johnny on the set of Queenie eye, well we couldn’t help but think that Depp was extremely talented and did really steel the show. As well as for Sir Paul Mac Cartney who looked a little has been on the live set of the Olympics in London. Now with his new video and Kate Moss dancing in an off the shoulder mini skirt on top of his piano the Beattle is back full blast.

Same think with John Galliano since this picture was the talk of the net this morning.


The disgraced designer who could’t make a fashion come back after his racist tantrum internet video, was rejected as a teacher by Parsons school, was generously invited by Oscar de la Renta to work of his collections… All this couldn’t get him a word or a pic in his favour but then along came Kate and the dark spell was overcome.

I am pretty sure than now that the Kate effect has operated, it won’t be long before a major couture house contacts him. Well let’s just wish for it anyway because no matter what he was, is and will remain an outstanding designer.


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