Dia de los muertos

Halloween is over, the pumpkins have been carved, the candies eaten, the costumes  put away for next year… On November 2nd, it is time to celebrate the deads . And few countries do it like Mexico where instead of being a sad and mournful day, it is a bright, joyful and colourful one.

Inspired by a mesoamerican tradition, Dia de los Muertos or Day of the dead in Mexico has been classified by the Unesco as unmaterial patrimony of the world

People mount altar in their home to celebrate their lost ones with a framed picture of them, their favourite food, “pan de muertos” literally bread of the dead which is an airily soft brioche dusted in sugar, orange flowers, cut out paper symbolizing the air, sugar skulls and candies.

IMG_3554Some cities have raised the bar of their celebrations, such as San Miguel De Allende where Artist Veronique Pittman, a firm believer in the power of the lessons taught on the day, teamed up with fellow artists and designers, as well as the San Miguel de Allende community, to launch La Calaca, an arts and culture festival exploring the themes and promoting the spiritual traditions of Dia de los Muertos. The Calaca festival ends up tomorrow so you can still rush there if you live in D.F.



One of the nicest and biggest altar in Mexico City is the one put up for Diego Rivera in its Mausoleum. Highly recommended if you still haven’t seen it, it should be displayed for at least another week.IMG_3521


But even if you don’t live in Mexico, you cannot have missed the growing trend of skulls in design and fashion. From cufflinks, to cushions and sweaters, they are everywhere. As for me, they seem to haunt my living room, check for yourself


Alexander McQueen Savage beauty book by Rizzoly available at


The Skull Style Book available at CLICK or on Ahalife as well as a amazing selection of skull objects


L1010751My beloved Claudio Roncoli Painting, not available, sorry. And a black “barro negro” skull from Oaxaca sitting on the side table.

L1010753A black resin skull by Monica Calderon wedged between my Met FAshion exhibit collector shoes. get your own at






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