So young and already vintage addicted

Or is it their parents? Well, anyways, it is not because you have become a parent that you have to cave in to Disney Princesses and Sponge Bob Square Pants collectibles. Good tastes should be taught at an early stage so some of it would stick when they start buying their own clothes or decorating their first pad.

My very good friend, Stephanie Younes, turned her passion for vintage and flee markets to whimsical artwork and mirror. Ava des Bois gives instant parisian flair to any kids wall. The vintage prints she collects are tastefully matched with some Liberty fabrics or delicate paper and she herself frames them in her apartment.

So bohemian, hippie chic for a very unique and inspiring decor.

I absolutely love this one


And I think that this vintage cars illustration would make the perfect gift for a baby boy, don’t you think so?Image

For more information about Ava des Bois or to place your order, log on to


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