ISABEL MARANT’s H&M collection to buy online at eBay

A few days ago, I posted a blog about the launch party of ISABEL MARANT‘s for H&M, one of the most anticipated designers collaboration with the street wear giant.

Well, it seems that the people invited to shop earlier at the pop up store packed up high on some Isabel Marant staples and are now reselling it on ebay for a whooping profit. Just like my absolute favourite, the beaded jacket which will be on sale on November 14th at a 300 euros price tag which is now on sale on ebay at 450 euros. You still have 25 days to purchase it but there are 17 watchers following the bids on it so you’d better be on top of it. To all the husbands on earth, didn’t we tell you that fashion wasn’t a great investment?


Some items are a better bid like this beautiful grey short sleeve dress which is on sale on ebay at 89.99 euros instead of 144.39.


But it is true that you can also shop it the old fashion way by queuing at your nearest  H&M store since the wee hours and fight with other fashionistas gone wild over every single item. You can also log on to the and suscribe to try to get an invitation to the preview shopping night on November 13th.

Let’s just hope that Isabel Marant is not as sought after in Mexico city and I will not have to battle anyone to get my beaded jacket. will let you know on the day D


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