Come one Monica Bellucci, you can do better than that

And I am not talking about her acting skills who seems to be completely off lately. I saw her in “Les gens qui s’embrassent” the last Danielle Thompson movie which I loved and in the series “Platane” by Eric Judor from Eric et Ramzi. She is constantly overacting, reminding me a little of Brad Pitt in that horrible Chanel N5 commercial by Joe Wright. After all, she is a model, not an actress.

Monica Bellucci is still, at 48, one of the most beautiful women on earth and the embodiment of the Italian Madonna. I absolutely loved when Peter Lindberg photographed her in the “Huit stars sans fard” story for the french Elle. Rumor has it that it cost her her contract for Christian Dior Parfums which I think is a real pity because she was one of the few who had the guts to do it. And frankly, look at her, she is absolutely gorgeous.



And she is absolutely beautiful in the Dolce and Gabbana ads too though on some she overacts a tad the praying Madonna pose. But even though, she remains the beacon of a feminine, sensuous, luscious, generous diva, the image of Dolce Vita. 



Her spread in the last February spanish Vanity Fair crowned her the ultimate erotic myth saying that, unfortunately, interior beauty was in fact overrated.


So what on earth is happening to her right now? Ok, we read over the net that she and Vincent Cassel separated after 14 years of marriage. They made a glamorous, sophisticated, elegant and which is really appreciated in the world of people, they were discreet. But if Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp ended their love affair, anything can happen.

But come on, we already said that she was beautiful, rich, famous, the face of Dolce and Gabbana, her modelling and acting career is booming again and she falls for this man, Telman Ismailov, a russian mogul whose only “coat of arm” is to have paid Jenifer Lopez $1.4M to sing 10 minutes worth of songs. This is a joke. And you trade the face of Yves Saint Laurent pour Homme perfume for a man who wears a canary hello sports coat? Of course, if we weren’t foolish enough to think she would fall for a syndicated worker picketing for months she could fall for someone with a little more class, a little more presence, a little more glamour, or ethics or something. I guess Mr. Ismailov must be charming as Cresus.




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