I promise Anna Wintour, I will never make fun of you anymore

Last year, Internet was buzzing about Ana Wintour who hired famous fashion photographer and friend Mario Testino to take her passport picture and inspired some other celebrities to do the same. My first reaction was  how vain she was. Come on on, you don’t hire Testino to take a snap shop portrait, this is ridiculous. Plus it must have cost her a fortune.

But last year, I went to the french consulate in Mexico to pick up my new biometric passport and when I saw my picture I vowed never to make fun of Ana Wintour again. I had asked the clerk who took the picture if he could take another one, hopefully a better one but apparently he was too lazy to obliged. Now I wish I could have hired Mario testing instead of this Mario Cretino. Thanks to him I will look stone and dishevelled for the next 10 years.

Oh, what hassle fame and fortune can save you and you are never too vain after all, especially when you turn 40. I will spare you the ugly pic.

So I promise Ana Wintour, I will never make fun of you anymore or perhaps just when you say that pink was the colour of punk..


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