Is blue really the warmest colour?

Ok, Ok, it is not really blue but three different shades of purple, one being quite blueish, that stroke me on my daily zoe report this morning. I did a lot of stupid things in the name of fashion like highlighting my hair to the point it turned almost platinum blond – yes, I still have some pictures, no, over my dead body-cropping them super short which made me look like a hen, wear platform sneakers 18 years ago when Isabel Marant hadn’t break the fashion ground with hers yet, wearing a black knee long angora sweater in NYC which made look like King Kong but, hey, I bought it in New York etc. etc.

The list is endless but this is definitely NOT a trend I will even dare to try. On which regular human can this look good, and I am not talking about Halloween Night? Even Miranda Kerr would look artificial and plasticky with it. Or that she had just drowned shooting one of her exotic beach Kora Organics commercial

527c2ca265264These lipstick shades are THE men repellers by excellence, along with Birkenstocks, “Noir de Noir” and “Blue Rebel” Chanel nail polish. Though I do wear those polishes no matter what chéri thinks, after all, he’s just a man and we have been together for over 13 years.

But this, no, no, no.

Let’s just hope that Kim Kardashian do not turn it into a trend, after all, she is suffering from a massive blonditis right now, anything can happen..

But you can find some truly nice shade in the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Collection by visiting


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