Unconditional love

Last Sunday, I photographed a beautiful young woman with her three and a half year old boy. I was a nervous wreck since I lost my flash wizard and the cable that linked my camera to my bulbs had mysteriously come up torn and not a single one electrician in the neighbourhood or the Centro could mend it.In short, I had no lights and no clue how to photograph them. Thank god, my talented product friend, Marie Viellard, lent me her pocket wizards, the photo shoot was saved. That’s what I thought until Sunday morning when one out the outlets absolutely refused to stick in my light. Doomed, I must have been doomed because everything was in perfect condition after my last shooting. Like for computers, I am sure that there are little elves letting themselves in at night and just messing everything around.

Anyways, the clients arrived a little shy but prepped up. I had no other option than trying to make it work. Both of them were so beautiful, fair haired and translucent skin -hey, swedish descent- that somehow, they must capture the light. And they had such a great bond that it showed, even in the darkness.


Well, I tried my best, was still so unsure about the whole shooting that I told the mom that if she couldn’t find four pictures that she loved, I will reshoot them, courtesy of the dumbs with the broken material. But you know what, she picked 27 pictures, not just 4, and that was the better compliment ever. May be I should learn to have a little more faith in me.


For more inför on my work or to book a photo shoot, visit http://www.cyrinephotography.photoshelter.com


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