Michelle Phanatics

Like many of you, I had never heard of Michelle Phan before seeing a double spread in this year’s Vogue September issue. Impressed by he whooping 1.5 million like on her Facebook page and 4.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, I started investigating a little more this J.K.Rowling of bloggers.

Michelle Phan does her magic in a small studio adjacent to her L.A. apartment  where she conceives, produces, directs, stars in and edits make up tutorial videos. And her stellar success has led her to launch her own make up line, EM. Ok fair enough, determination and handwork led her to fame and fortune. This is exactly what I try to teach my children. But when I perused in her website, I was dumbstruck. She is giving tutorials about how to look like a rainbow unicorn????? She even gives the dam horse a name, the Michicorn which is inspired by of of her favourite characters in “adventure Time” the stupidest cartoon I do not want my kids to watch???!!!! And this brings 4.3 millions subscribers… Take a look at the video and please tell me who, over the age of 6, would like to look like a rainbow unicorn, and a professional one to top it all of judging by the length, detailing and products needed in the tutorial.

Shall I really go over the zombie child one?

Ok, so this is it. The era where Kawai as Japanese might say wins over content. The greatest internet successes are now catered to 6 year olds who want to look like stupid rainbow horses. Mediocrity seems to be the norm now since the biggest book sales is ridiculous and poorly written 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.

Poor Stefan Zweig who sold over 30 millions of books in the 20’s and 30’s must be plopping in his grave.


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