Santa Baby, I think I am going to blush

Well, I hope i have been extremely good because the new Chanel watch is imprinted on my retina since several months and, unless I still believe in Santa, there is no way it will end up in my stockings. Just to refresh your memory and make sure we are on the same fashion page, I am talking about this beauty, the gem set  steel chromatic J12 with a powdery pink dial set. Yesss! As Rachel Zoe would say, “I diiiiiiiiiiieeeeee”! but looking at the price tag, I think I will die for good.


But how gorgeous would it look with these beautiful Valentino blush booties or strappy stilettos? By the way, I don’t know who is Valentino shoe maker but they definitely should keep him, he designs hit after hit and the Valentino pumps are the most covetable around.

Image ImageImage

Ok so now we have the blush shoes, the blush watch, what about a little blush bag? I spotted these ones on, the little Louis Vuitton clutch will be perfect for a young and sporty look, the Chanel one for a more classical silhouette.

Image  Image

Come on, let’s try to be very good and believe in Santa


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