Hello Santa, it’s me again

Looking at the internet videos, ads and gift guides, it seems that the Holiday season is approaching at full speed. One of my favourite luxurious website has compiled the perfect Christmas list. Just check this fab Moda Operandi Christmas video and meet the Mockwells, a high profile family who reminds me of the Romsons.

And in the Mockwell family, I want to be… the Granny. Yes, you read perfectly well. The old lady smocking her way through the exact replica of the Jean-Paul Gaultier mink marinière. I want to be her when I grow old, stylish, elegant, with a tad of British aristocracy and a ounce of “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a dam…” Being french, tunisian with some drops of Sicilian, the british blue blood might be a little hard to pull off but, after all, I am parisian…

Oh, and for the wish list, here are some of my favourites. So we said the mink pull over Jean-Paul Gaultier wanna be but at this price tag, who really cares?


This absolutely divine Van Cleef and Arpels diamond cuff flirting with $1.5M

ImageWell, who said i was being difficult to please? As Oscar Wilde used to say, “I have the simplest tastes in the world, I only like the best…”

For more info on some truly outstanding gifts, visit http://www.modaoperandi.com


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