Skulls by Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen

It is weird that they didn’t think of it earlier knowing the fascination they both have for skulls. So the house of Mac Queen waited for the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf to come up with an exclusive collection. 



The Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen scarf collection consists of 30 unique designs each one adapted from Damien Hirst’s Entomology series – butterflies, bugs, spiders and other insects. Which makes total sense when looking at the previous Mc Queen collections where insects have been extremely presents in the shape of shiny armour like dresses. The beatles  have been worked to form kaleidoscopic geometric shapes, laid out to create the signature McQueen skull motif. The collaboration seamlessly plays on the shared aesthetic vision of Hirst and McQueen, in which an interest in symmetrical design is combined with strong references to the natural world.



Too bad they didn’t do it earlier when Mc Queen was still alive.

The collection offers 30 unique designs exclusively available from Alexander McQueen boutiques and online at www. from Friday 15th November 

Photography by Sølve Sundsbø


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