The Kaiser at Sciences Po Paris

On November 19th, there was a major fashion commotion in the respectable Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, a.k.a. Sciences Po. The Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld, fashion mogul and artistic designer since 1982 at Chanel, gave a master class to students whose fashion attire generally consists of cashmere twin sets, pearl necklaces and loafers.


As shocking as always, Mr. Lagerfeld said revealed to his mesmerised audience that he never collided with Mademoiselle Chanel who most probably would have hated him if they had met each other. But Mademoiselle and the Kaiser share more than one thing in common, their love of tweed, gallon, and the mystery around there birth date. Mr Lagerfeld who always surrounds himself with youth, recently admitted to be born in 1935, which gives him an honourable age of 79 years old.

In a France glued in social reforms and the 35 weekly labor hours, Mr Lagerfeld joked about wishing for a 48h day, being always pushing for time. “Education is good, but it’s not enough,” said Mr. Lagerfeld who left his native Germany at the tender age of 16 to come work in the PAris fashion industry. “I never studied, I never had time.” Got to love KL and his witty sense of humour. Well, if i had known that one day the Kaiser were to give a class at Sciences Po, I would not have turned them down, stupid me…

Studies are not enough, but you got to have talent. Chanel, which celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of Coco”s first shop in Deauville which opened in summer 1913, counts now with 300 outlets including 185 boutiques in cities such as Sao Paolo, Calgary, Brisbane, Mexico City and Istambul. A century and still going strong, Chanel is THE most desirable luxury label and thanks to Mr. Lagerfeld talent, you know a Chanel when you see it. 

Remember the iconic phrase from Carrie Bradshaw handing out a Chanel jacket and asking her friend Stanford to swear on Chanel? Or when she said she will be buried in Chanel? Well, Chanel is nowadays a brand to invest in and vintage websites and boutiques go high and low to hunt some unique pieces that would turn into investment ones.



Who knows, may be the Sces Po. students will turn down there Barbour coats and adopt the “resilles mittens”


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