UNICEF fashion dolls for Darfur Children

The Paris petit Palais is the stage of the most unusual fashion show. from now till December 1st, it will host the world’s most fashionable dolls. For its 11th edition of the annual Frimousse des Créateurs, some major fashion houses have created a one-off doll to be sold at a UNICEF auction on Decembre 2nd. Designers this year had to create a doll symbolising their vision of “Wonderful Paris”. All proceeds will go towards providing vaccination for children in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Here are some of my favourites dolls, too bad I only have boys.

The Chanel one, very Mademoiselle…


The Chantal Thomass one, or how to transform the iron Lady into a doll.ImageThe very elegant Christian Dior one which looks like she is on a no carb dietImage

The shopaholic glam’ punk Lanvin dollImage


The byzantine all carb diet Dolce and Gabbana dollImage


The Prada one which looks like she smoked something a little stronger than no filter Gauloises



And the very unsettling Yvette Horner doll with her accordion by Jean-Paul Gaultier , not sure a little girl will fall for itImage



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