Lokis, the candle-lit magician

From Paris to Mumbai, a candle-lit dinner is always synonymous of romance, precious moments and love. So what when you have thousands of candles illuminating your family castle,  a dream villa in Corsica, the Tuileries gardens in Paris or even a massive yacht? Well, this is romanticism on steroids. LOKIS, the candle-lit event pioneer, is the only agency which can transform your special night into a whimsical fairytale with such brio.

And I was so mesmerised by the whole concept, enchanting photos, creativity and work ethic that I signed up to be their Ambassador in Mexico. This is how good they are…

LOKIS has been contracted by some of the most prestigious families in France to enchant their private event. Here is a photo of the Courrances Castle, home to the Taittinger family which we illuminated for one of their daughters’ wedding including the 2 hectares lake.


We also enlighted the Rothshild Castle for an anniversary


Or the Paris Palais de Tokyo for a pharmaceutical firm 40th anniversary.


Chapels, churchs, centerpieces, stables, Lokis place candles everywhere to turn your dream event into a fairytale one.Image

“Les nuits blanches” in Bordeaux, illumination of a public spaceImage

May be Kim K. and Yeezus should contact us for their wedding and make it a truly classy event this time. We can even illuminate football stadiums or mega yachts. You dream of a fantasy event, it is our pledge to oblige you…

To learn more about LOKIS, visit http://www.lokis.fr or contact me callani@lokis.fr


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