The Kardashians or The Bourgeois Gentilhomme family

Ooooops, they did it again. Tis is the season to adorn your house, decorate the tree, sing out loud and out of tunes christmas carols and, of course, shoot your christmas family cards. This reminds me that I am extremely late to shoot mine and my client ones..

But as usual, the Kardashians couldn’t do it the regular way and turned this family tradition into a mega production. In the lineage of the wedding – nobody seamed to have told K.K. that black for a wedding is the best way to jinx it – the wedding proposal by Yeezus in a football stadium, the list is quiet exhaustive, this 2013 family holiday card is a collector.

This time, they undoubtedly out did themselves, I must say. Famed fashion photographer of the 90’s, David Lachapelle whose style is known for saturated, kitchy picture showing off oiled toned bodies, was hired to do the job. Honestly, it must be really hard to turn down a $250,000 pay check but there are some things that are definitely not worth it. This Kardashian christmas cards seams to be high on the No-No list.

A source told Radar Online: “It took three days just to put the set together. David was extremely involved in all details of the set installation. It was Kim’s idea to get David to do the family photo Christmas picture. At first, David balked because he does photo shoots for major magazines, but Kim convinced him to do it.rs_1024x339-131201150409-1024.Kardashian-Christmas-Card-Hi-Res.jl.120113_copy

“It wasn’t a cheap photo shoot, and the production company of Keeping Up With The Kardashians paid the $250,000 invoice. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, were all paid for by production, and the Kardashians didn’t pay one dime for their Christmas card!” How am I not surprised?

This panoramic shot is so atrocious that I do not know where to start. The blond, all boobs out Kim which christmas ham leg seams to be the only allusions to the holidays?


The two younger ones whose name I never manage to remember trying to look fierce stepping on some trashy magazine while, by zooming in, we discover that the indian goddess on the wood work behind them looks strangely like K.K.?


Kourtney looking like a lion and Khloé looking like a nun in comparison both stuck with the kids? Well, I must say that the little boy is the only one striking a natural pose on this photo, he looks bored to tears.


Kris in the forefront of the shot, why am I not surprised? Wearing a headpiece that makes her look like a Ceasar Palace waitress?

Or last but not least in the ridiculous scale, Bruce trying to escape from what looks like a teleportation case from Star Trek? Is it a hint that he wanted to divorce and escape the circus that his life has become? And what is with the hair? Did he got extensions? Is it a wig? Please note the neither subliminal nor subdued cashier letters behind him…

Although Mason and Penelope made an appearance in the family Christmas card, Kim’s daughter North wasn’t in the shot and neither was her fiancé Kanye West. In fact, none of the guys were in the shot except for Bruce. Not bankable enough?

Well please, Kardashian clan, we know your are extremely wealthy but taste doesn’t necessary come with money as it obviously  shows here, if somebody had still any doubts. The mix of panty high slits, big hair, casino, bank notes, neon lights and gold doesn’t really mean elegance. A little tip here, as Coco Chanel always said, less is more. Why not try something a little undertones next year.

And pssss Kim, for your next big event or for your most anticipated wedding, try the magic of LOKIS candle-lit events, you’ll be amazed and for once praised for your tastes.


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