Bitter sweet 2014

2014 has yet to come with its festivities, trips, surprises and good resolutions. For us expats, it will also mean saying goodbye to friends whose path we have been fortunate enough to cross. We wouldn’t have met them if we had stayed in our little parisian neighborghood, that’s for sure. We didn’t even know they existed. As I said to my beloved husband when he told me we were to move to Mexico, “I am sure that they are tons of wonderful people there but I do not care, I do not know them, my friends are in Paris and NYC.” Mean girl, I know.

And wonderful people indeed I have met. And two of my best girl friends here in Mexico city are leaving for new horizons. One for Miami, the other for Cuba. How I hate their husbands right now to take them away from me and leave me behind. But how situations change over a few years. Thanks to their friendship, I learn to like my life here in Mexico. I know it is not THE end, and thanks to Skype, internet and all modern means of communication, we will keep in touch. But it will get harder to have lunch together or to see each other at pick up.

And it is not only for us grownups that it is tough. My little ones had developed some great friendships here and they too, we have to say goodbye, again. They all have emails, too but still. And I cannot but wonder what will they learn from this expat life that we bestowed upon them, what adults they will become? But they are tough and resilient cookies and will grow stronger, I am sure. As there will be many other Halloweens…



Or beach vacations in the Carribeans



As well as hot air balloon flights above Teotihuacan pyramids


Many more Dîners en blanc L1010319

Well, this year, Kylian has to say goodbye earlier than the usual June deadline to two very good friends of his. They both decided to beat the tears and wish you all a very happy year 2014, wherever you are headed. You will stay in our hearts forever and we are lucky that our path have crossed.



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