OK, Miley. We know you’re not a virgin anymore

And please stop rubbing it in our face, fortunately, you are not the only one having sex.

What happens to ex Disney Princesses? I still remember that phase Britney Spears went through when she started dated that retarded Wannabe singer Kevin Federline and couldn’t stop bragging about the tons of sex they had. As it happens, Miley Cyrus is ditching her princess attire as well, showing up on the red carpet in outfits that delights the Fashion Police.

I totally understand that growing up and finding your own personality can be challenging for any teenager. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for child stars who spent their youth behind cameras and being prompted for every line they uttered. But clumsiness or the eventual fashion disaster is a thing, what Miley is making us endure is another.

Just look at her latest appearence for the 2013 VMAS performance. Usually, when we hear Christmas and Chanel, we start doing a little victory dance but she single handedly managed to ruin our two favourite “C’s” in a split second. OK, everyone who knows me knows I am a big Chanel fan but this dead skunk looking purse that she is carrying is not the greatest one the Kaiser had designed. And who goes on stage singing carrying a purse?????



And she seamed to have found the North Pole and couldn’t stop gyrating against it.




The look on Will Smith and his family says it all…



It is vulgar, distasteful and all in all unattractive. She went from Disney princess to white slutty trash and is a terrible example for the kids who buy her music. Go home and rest Miley or you will end up in a rehab centre with as completely shaved head.


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