MACO Mexico DF 2014

Yesterday, the very much expected contemporary art exhibit, MACO, opened its doors at the Banamex center and, as usual, the art presented was really worth the traffic to get there.


First, I was kind of unimpressed, strolling in my Repetto kitty heels through the alleys, looking like the old new yorker in me. But suddenly, the art got more appealing, at least to me as I spotted some Anish Kapoor, some new artists which pieces made me smile.


Shadow V
Artist: Anish Kapoor


And suddenly, my eye got caught by some brightly coloured large scale pictures. It was him again, finally our paths had crossed again…I entered the booth with a big grin on my mind, recognising which seduced me a few years ago in a West Broadway gallery. Liu Bolin and his invisible man work.

Do get me wrong, I am not at all an art specialist, specially not contemporary art. I know my way around a Picasso and Basquiat but that is pretty much it. But I have a spookily efficient visual memory , if interested that is, and a soft spot for art. So I had the weird feeling of reuniting with an old friend as I browsed through Bolin’s work.

Here’s the first picture of his work I ever saw and I found it brilliant. It is called “Hiding the city, puffed food”. I couldn’t get it at first and  it was like gazing through the fog but he finally appeared. His feet gave him away.


Hiding in the City – Puffed Food
Artist: Liu Bolin



Then when I saw this one, I couldn’t but think of my friend Alexandra Bottrie, rock hard Lanvin devotee which she wears so majestically. And this piece is one of there few where Bolin doesn’t appear, we have Mr Albert Elbaz instead.

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin
Artist: Liu Bolin

liu_bolin_alber_elbaz_for_lanvin_photograph_2011Intrigued, I contacted the gallery asking for the Lanvin one price and you know what? One of the good things about ageing is that price tags don’t seam as monstrous as they did a few years ago. I remember gasping when I asked the Soho gallery owner for the “Puffed food” and yesterday I merely blinked when I learnt it was $26K. I mean, it is still a hefty price but well… It is nice, isn’t it?

Another artist’s work from the RG ART gallery which put a smile on my face was Manuel Mérida big rotating circles. Just like a glass hour, pigments fall from the upper part of the circle through the lower in a fascinating rotating movement. A message telling us that we are wasting away the planet ressources? I have really no idea and do not wish to make a fool of myself by lecturing you about supposed artist’s message but I like art that intrigue me and put a smile on my face, as simple as this.


Cercle Rose Tyrien
Artist: Manuel Mérida



Cercle Bleu Outremer
Artist: Manuel Mérida

manuel-merida---cercle-bleu-outremer---160-----2012---rgr+art And these sculptures by Rafael Barrios were really impressive as they looked in 3D while they where completely and utterly flat. Their simple and slightly childish look which reminded me of my kids construction blocks just made then even more pleasant.


Artista: Rafael Barrios


To learn more about the artists represented by RG ART GALLERY go to

Too bad I did’t had enough time to really take it all in but there are some very good art represented and if you are in the DF, you should definitely get out, defy the traffic and go make your own opinion.




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