Balenciaga FW 2014-15 by Alexander Wang

The marathon of fashion weeks is well on his way. After the Paris Haute Couture, NYC fashion week, London and Milan, it is time for the most expected one, the Paris Fashion Week.

After closing his eponymous show in NYC a few days ago, Alexander Wang showed his first and very much anticipated collection for Balenciaga, taking over the parisian couture house after Nicolas Ghesquière move over to Louis Vuitton after Marc Jacobs ‘s departure. Are you still following??? Yes,looks like a fashion world’s merry go round.

So, very much anticipated ans I said but a little disappointing. Wang presented a monochromatic collection, very much in the Cristobal legacy with superb tailoring and luxurious fabrics. The scalloped peplum trousers are gorgeous and will look as good on skinny models as on civilians with a little belly. Some beautiful white dresses with razor sharp architecture too.


But the down side of a monochromatic collection is that it lacks the “wow” factor of a rich coloured silhouette coming down the runway.  Not that I would trot down the streets looking like a rainbow unicorn but a little winter colours can’t do no wrong. And by the way, I didn’t like the shoes. The boots look heavy and too masculin while the stilettos and sandals are too toes revealing to be sexy. The whole collection look elegant but safe, cohesive but not daring. A collection targeted for a NYC clientele where black is king.


In a word, nice debut but I prefer Ghesquière vision, for now that is… And I cannot wait to see what Mr. Ghesquière has envisioned for his Louis Vuitton premiere.

OH, and by the way, someone should tell the blond woman on the front row to get a manucure BEFORE the show, not during the show, or at least no seat at the front row. I don’t know who she is but I can do a better job than her…

To see the whole BAlenciaga FW 2013-14 collection click on the link below.


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