For FW 2014-15, we will go grocery shopping at the Chanel shopping store

Thought that “La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché” was the chicest place to go grocery shopping in the city of lights? Well think again.

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld magically turned the Grand Palais into the über chic shopping center where the fashion crowd spent time browsing the alleys before the show started.



With his legendary wicked sense of humour, the Kaiser stacked up the shelves with Chanel and Coco branded products, announcing that they were having a special promotion, 20% more on the Cube by Chanel chicken broth. I love KL!


From water to sugar,

L-eau-de-Chanel_visuel_galerie2Le-sucre-Roux-Doux-sigle-Chanel_visuel_galerie2To lentils which should be worn in a long necklace or sautoir, Les-lentilles-corail-a-porter-en-sautoir_visuel_galerie2To stinky cheese,

Le-GaBRIElle-une-evidence_visuel_galerie2and Vodkas which names evoked some of the last collections,

and cooking oil

Cococolza-l-huile-vegetale-preferee-du-Kaiser_visuel_galerie2The funniest name was the egg one, “le neuf de Chanel”. Those who speak french will understand….


It is even more hilarious knowing that Gabrielle Chanel didn’t even know how to cook and took all her meal from the Ritz where she had an apartment. I am quite positive than Mr Lagerfeld doesn’t know how to boil water nor knows where the grocery store is as may of the fashionistas invited too which makes the whole thing just brilliant. I wonder what did the people put into their trolleys and shopping baskets. The packaging are so beautiful that i would have been happy to bring any of them home…

Karl-vient-inspecter-la-mise-en-rayon_visuel_galerie2As for the show, beautiful and wearable as usual. Cara Delevingne opened up the show, all pretty and sporty in pink.00010h_1280x1920

As in the Haute Couture a few weeks ago, all the models walked down the runway wearing adorned sneakers. I particularly like the knee high version.


00260h_1280x1920Other reminiscence of the Haute Couture show, the wasp corseted waist,  for a juvenile and elegant figure.00380h_1280x1920

A lot of black, grey and white, as usual for Chanel. A lot of tweed and galon but amazingly enough, Karl Lagerfeld always manages to create new silhouettes, new looks, taking the DNA of the Brand to a new level and making look always new and fresh.

00150h_1280x1920 00080h_1280x1920 00090h_1280x1920 00170h_1280x1920 00570h_1280x1920

A lot of baby pink too, to add up to the young feeling of the collection and to remind us that winter wardrobe is not only about dark colors.

Nous-aussi-on-veut-ces-Coco-Flakes_visuel_galerie200740h_1280x1920  00260h_1280x1920

I LOVE the Chanel take on grocery shopping with basket made out of the legendary chains


or a matellassé “caddie”


The models shopped at the Chanel Super Store too, visibly enjoying themselves.ad_128915101ad_128914983 ad_128915805ad_128915008A superproduction for an unbelievable show that will be very difficult to top. Bravo Mr. Lagerfeld, you are always one step ahead of your time and a true visionnaire.


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