Nicolas Ghesquière debut at Louis Vuitton for FW 2014-15

This must have been the most anticipated show of the Paris Fashion Week. After 14 years as Artistic Director of the iconic monogram firm, Marc Jacobs led place to Nicolas Guesquière, ex Balenciaga.

The invitations came in a black Taïga enveloppe, each monogrammed to the guests initials. Very classy and thoughtful

Photo 2 Mar 2014 09_35

On each seat was a note simply signed Nicolas expressing his gratitude for being here today. “Today is a new day. A big day,” “You are about to witness my first fashion show for Louis Vuitton. Words can’t express exactly how I am feeling at this moment…”

Freja opened up the show with some greasy looking bangs and a very 70’s Ally Mc Graw look, meaning short skirt, thick fabrics, empire waist and knee high boots.1625561_10152112329317562_453462723_n

I am not a big fan of the 70’s look with geometric patterns in brown, orange and red, thick and rigid fabrics looking more like upholstery fabrics than ready to wear ones.00110h_1280x1920 00150h_1280x1920

And some silhouettes strangely reminded me of Star Trek…00200h_1280x1920 00240h_1280x1920


Ski Sweater anyone? This will be a smashing hit next season in Courchevel, I can guarantee it!

00140h_1280x1920A lot of designers opted for tiny waists and flirty skirts, a feminine and juvenile silhouette. I love the ankle strapped boots but being short, will probably not wear them with a short skirt but rather with pants to elongate the silhouette. The contrasted color and mix of patent and matt leather will make these boots some very coveted pieces.

1947825_749031575127725_1658328932_nAnother coveted peace I am sure, though I found it kind of gimmicky and not very practical, the boxy handbag reminder of the legendary “Louis Vuitton Malle”.



Not a big fan of the bulky knitted empire waist skirt either, especially matched with a shiny leather tiny top and greasy bangs.00280h_1280x1920

In this look I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. Ghesquière was fan of the cult french series “Les Deschiens”. Come on, are we really going to wear this?00420h_1280x1920

But there were pieces I really liked, like this casual look. I love the shinny leggings, the monochromatic look, the loosely hanging belt and the sheering black coat.


Or this beautiful belted tweed coat with leather details. So 70’s chic…00340h_1280x1920

And this gorgeous black crocodile one.00260h_1280x1920The cocktail dresses looked like a mix between Laura Ingals and Balenciage and the hip slits looked weird and not really practical. What kind of panty are you going to wear under this?00360h_1280x1920

I could definitely picture Courtney Love emerging from a bar completely waisted wearing this look. It is the combination between the “U” neck, the nude hue, the excess of zips, the platinum hair, and hazy eyes of the model that reminded me of her, no?

00450h_1280x1920Well, so much expectations for a rather disappointing show which no one in the industry will dare to qualify this way. But hey, look at Charlotte Gainsbourg back stage with Nicolas Ghesquière wearing a piece from his debut Louis Vuitton Collection. Doesn’t she look like she had a car accident and is wearing a neck collar?17_nicolas_ghesqui_re_et_charlotte_gainsbourg__2__446957941_north_883xThis is only a debut, the good thing is, it can only improve from here. Let’s not forget it, Mr. Ghesquière is an amazingly talented designer, he just needs some adjusting to the big power house which Louis Vuitton is.







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