Three days in los Cabos

A friend of mine invited me to a girls only three day stay at Los Cabos. As you may already know, I am a sucker for everything beachy, luxurious and sunny but the general feedback that I got from people who already paid a visit to Cabos was, no beaches, dangerous currents, big waves and full of americans. This 3 day escape change my perspective on Cabos.

We landed sunday mid day at Los Cabos International, a little airport wedged between mountains and desert that already sounded like vacations.


And were greater by soldats in full “operation desert storm” gear and anti Drug sniffing dogs. That was a first for me and it made me kind of iffy. Narcs, in Mexico? Really????Image

The taxi took us through a scenic road to Hacienda Encantada, a luxury resort 20 minutes away from the airport. Taking a road trip in Baja California sounds like a very good idea, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the roads super safe, thank ou doggies.


So, Hacienda Encanta Resort…Full of americans, yes, it is. Specially during spring break. Not the most luxurious nor authentic place I have visited but overall very comfy and nice. The downside is that the villas are decorated in what americans think Mexican style should be. So full of very dark wood hispanic furnitures, heavy upholstery but the 3 bedrooms villas are spacious and comfortable enough for 8 people. Equipped with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, they make a perfect retreat should they have an ocean view which ours didn’t have.  ImageImage

The resort has a nice pool and lounging area overseeing the Sea of Cortez but no access to the beach. So yes, it was what my friends depicted, a nice place with beautiful views and pool but no beach and rough surf which got me quite frustrated. i cannot just gaze at the ocean and not set foot on the beach or dive in the surf.

IMG_4297 IMG_4304

So the next morning, we spotted a very nice strip of honey sand which apparently belonged to the Sheraton and decided to spend the day there. And we did good. the beach is absolutely pristine, the ocean quiet and the surf christen clear. A bliss!


Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Spa and Golf resortL1020064

This is actually the place where we’ll come back with the kids as they have a mini club, an awesome tropical like swimming pool and no dangerous currents nor rocks. Well, there are some very scenic rocks next to the golf course but they are more scenic than dangerous and are the perfect fishing spot.

L1020085The golf course is absolutely stunning, nestled between the desert, the rocks and the Sea of Cortez and I fell in love with this cactus.


When in Cabos, a boat trip is mandatory. A zodiac is best for whale watching as they are fast and can spot and follow the big mammals within minutes. The Cabos Marina is absolutely lovely and offers a wide variety of speed boats and sail boats. You can even go duty free shopping to the Luxury Avenue Mall where prestigious brand such as Cartier and Salvatore Ferragamo are waiting for you.L1020125

We decides to take a sail boat trip to go see the Arch and Lovers beach, one of the rare spot where an Ocean, it that case the atlantic one, meets a sea, the Cortez one. Spectacular!



Other very nice Cabos Treats, the restaurants. We went to Las Ventanas al Paraiso to have an exquisite dinner by the sea. Most recommended dish, the vertically grilled Huachinango and I love the white and blue decor.

L1020111 L1020120

Another beautiful place to dine if not to stay is the One and Only Palmilla. An outstandingly romantic hotel, nestled in lush tropical gardens and the perfect place for an intimate yet very chic wedding as they have an onsite hispanic colonial chapel.



The chef is Moroccan so you’ll be in for a nice spicy, flavourful twist on fish.

No beach here but lovely 2 people round tables facing the sea of Cortez and a small cove.L1020175

A fabulous 3 day trip which I will do again with my family as there is a ton of stuff to do, to see, to explore. I will definitely stay either at the Sheraton or at Las Ventanas al Paraiso which both have an amazing beach. Then drive by todos Santos for photo shooting and craft shopping and all the way up to La Paz which apparently boats superb beaches with cristallin waters. Los Cabos, to be continued…


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