Smells like teen spirit



The Mona Lisa Project

Friday, I gave a photo intro class to Kylian’s class. Since they were studying the Mona Lisa, their teacher, Melanie, asked me to photograph them Joconde style. The kids were really cooperative and some added their personal twist to the mythical Mona Lisa enigmatic smile.

Semaine du Gout

In october, the Lycee Franco Mexicain celebrated “la Semaine du Gout”, a week dedicated to teaching the kids how to eat well and cook a nutritious meal. I chaperoned Aidan’s class to a local bakery. There, the kids got to bake their own bread, pain au chocolat and have fun in a professional kitchen. Earning your daily bread turned out to be a harder work than expected.

Introduction to cubism

A few weeks ago, I went to Aidan’s class at the Lycee FrancoMexicain here in D.F. to talk to them about photography. theodora, their teacher, asked me to take two pictures of each kid, front and profile, so we would later cut their face in two and make a cubist portrait.

Here are some pics.