g a young mother in the name of god

Today, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag has been sentenced to death by Khartoum judges. This pregnant 27 year old mother of a 20 months old baby has been found guilty of apostasy, the public and willing giving up of one’s religion.


“We gave you three days to renounce your faith but you insisted on not coming back to Islam.” said the judge who condemned her to a hundred lashes for adultery (her husband being catholic) and death by hanging.

Amnesty International condemned the sentence and asked for her immediate liberation, in vain. Last Tuesday, the U.S, Canadian, British and Deutsch embassies told their fear for this young woman’s life, asking the Soudan government to respect freedom of religion and the right to change religion or believes. This right may have been written in the Sudanese constitution, in any Islamic Republic, the father transmits his religion, wether he has been present in the life of his children or not. Changing religion is pointless. Your father is muslim, you will be born, live and die a muslim, no matter what.

Meriam got married to a southern Sudan catholic. Being herself matter of factly muslim by birth even if she was raised in the catholic faith, her marriage isn’t valid for muslim laws and Sudan government. Her children are to be born under X or unknown father. It would have been the same in any other Islamic Republic or country were Islam is the government of state. Hence the accusation of adultery and the 100 lashes.


While being sentenced, Meriem Yahia Ibrahim Ishag stood still calmly stating that she  never committed apostasy which is true since she has been raised in the catholic faith and never renounced it. This is without knowing that islamic law… The husband has to be muslim. If he is not, then he can convert in front of an Imam and the process is a lot simpler than for a woman to convert into judaism.

The only thing I do not understand is where is the husband? Or father of her children? I assume he is catholic too.  So why nobody thought about getting him in front of an Imam in order to save his wife and children’s life? Why doesn’t he step up and stand in front of these barbarian Khartoum judges to convert to Islam? That is the ONLY solution to preserve his wife and baby to be’s life, Meriam is 8 months old pregnant and I highly doubt the baby, nor her,  in the womb would resist the 100 lashes.

WHERE IS MERIEM’S HUSBAND? And where is the French government too because I heard him give its opinion on several matters, more or less relevant but when’re does it stand in this case?

The world has definitively gone mad and criminals are prosecuting their crimes in total impunity, hiding themselves behind God’s will. Or so they say. Whose god would ask for the life of an 8 month pregnant mother because she married in the wrong faith? My thoughts go to Meriem, her son and her baby and I really hope for a miracle. To many women have already paid for men madness.



Bring back our girls

Last April 14th, so a month ago, 200 girls were abducted from their school in the Northeastern village of Chibok by terrorists. The rapt has been claimed by Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Nigerian militant Islamist group Boko Haram who released a video calling for a release of Boko Haram militants in Nigerian jails in exchange for some of the  girls that they hadn’t converted to Islam yet.

Honestly, this is utterly shocking and I am ashamed to see that it took several weeks to get this publicly and internationally talked about. When a plane tragically crash into the sea, international medias are on a 24-7 coverage and governments spend fortunes trying to locate the vessel which is absolutely normal. Victims family should know where and how they loved ones disappeared and if they are still out there. But when it comes to school girls in a remote and unknown village in some African country (Nigeria? Liberia? whatever…) nobody moves for weeks. The first one to make a move and who came with this poster than is now viral is the FLOTUS, aka Michelle Obama.


And I am very glad she did because just 4 days ago the #bringbackourgirls campaign went viral in every social media. Malala chimed in, another victime of pure violence and obscurantism,


followed by Ellen DeGeneres,

ImagePuff Daddy who couldn’t help adding his own touch to it.


The fashion industry followed suit with Cara Delevingne and it girl Alexa Chung which made a lipstick version of it (hey, anything goes, really)

ImageImageDo you think it is normal for school girls to be abducted on the school ground while they were taking some physics test ? What kind of threat did these school girls represent? Who are these armed terrorists claiming their allegiance to Islam?  What is this Islam these people state to belong to? It is outrageous to see in 2014 such a demonstration of violence and ignorance. Milleniums of history have brought no wisdom nor knowledge to some human beings, if we can still call them human.  They cover their crimes behind a distorted view of a religion they call their own but which is only a disguise for violence and terrorism. The view of these zombie like girls chanting words which were imposed upon them and bore absolutely no meaning for them was absolutely heart breaking. Is that what these Abo Bakar people were trying to do? Eradicate any knowledge and transforme women into a lobotomised army of ghosts?

My mother is catholic and my dad is muslim both of them non religious. I do not have a religion. I do believe in a greater creative force but not in religion. My friends are catholic, muslim, jewish, buddhist, religious, non religious… As a friend of mine use to say, you are what you were born to. I do respect people’s faith and believes as long as they respect mine.

But claiming that Islam is against girls been educated as we see in this case or in Afghanistan is absolute ignorance and completely outrageous.  Why have women and girls have represented a threat in many societies, whatever religion they were, all over the centuries? Is it because we have the power to give life that some dangerous fanatics think we shouldn’t be educated and hence transmit a knowledge?Why are women of all religious kept under a thick cloth by some fanatics of all religion? Is that a symbol of the veil of ignorance that we are trying to cast upon them?

Anyways, I think these poor girls had absolutely nothing to do with any political cause whatsoever and that the criminals who did that had absolutely no right to drag them into this. School girls in exchange of soldiers whose had are probably maculated in blood? These people have no moral nor faith despite of what they claim. Which god would ever ask for such a trade?

And what if it were your girls that had been abducted in their class room and taken in some remote and unknown place for some obscure cause????? Nobody talks about it in Mexico, this is why the boys and I came up with our own #bringbackourgirls campaign. And for those who may wonder why is our dog in the picture well, one the worst insult in islamic countries is to name someone a dog. Our dog is a female, aka bitch, so you get the picture.


The 86th Oscars Ceremony debrieved

The big night celebrating Movie, stars and fashion is over and now that we had time to digest the whole thing, it is time for a debrief.

First things first, the red carpet. I am generally over exited to see the stars coming and see what they are wearing.

Jimmy Kimmel on ABC’s little video which wanted to be humoristic turned out to be disrespectful and sour. He should look at the way he dresses before making fun of the public at home watching the show. What did you say Jimmy? Those who live in a glass house shouldn’t through stones…


Then, Ellen Degeneres, the host. No singing, no big opening number, her monologue fell flat. We all started chatting in front of the TV, not paying attention to what she was saying, not good at all for someone hosting the Oscars. The pizzas delivery was not really funny but the major moment was the big selfie which broke a regram record.clip17-everyone-selfie

She also should get a new stylist, she’s always wearing the same outfits at the jacket of the first one wash’t even fitting. Oh, and Ellen, we know that “life is boring, wear sneakers” but an overdose of sneakers is boring too…

Best acceptance speech of the night, Jared leto, who was the first actor to receive his Oscar, Best supporting role. Ok, I am absolutely partial when it comes to Leto, a divine mix of “Jesus Christ Super Star” and rock star, always looking 25 and who can resist those eyes? I could do with chin long hair though…Giving an hommage to the teen age high school drop out who tough Jared and his brother to follow his dreams and dream big was extremely touching, specially after seeing the mom’s teary eyes. Encouraging people to live their lives the way they want, love who they want and not be judged for that was right on too

The Pharrel Lupita dance party was one of the highs of the evening too. Lupita looked absolutely divine in her ice blue Prada plissé gown and really seemed to enjoy herself. Meryl Streep showed some very nice moves too while Jennifer Lawrence, who already stumbled on the red carper, stayed nicely put in her seat to prevent some major dress problems. The reps at Christian Dior Couture are not known for their sense of humour. Pharell, I LOVE your song but, please, find a new hat.


Except the fact that no one seamed to be able to memorise his or her lines, hey actors, feel free to memorise your 4 line speech next time, the ceremony was overall a hit as my predictions were right.

More touching acceptance speech? Lupita Nyong’o, winning the statuette for her best supporting role in “12 year a slave”. She was genuine, sincere, touched and simple… Very refreshing

I was thrilled that Cate Blanchett took home the Oscar for Best Actress but her speech was a tad too long and she looked better dressed in “Blue Jasmin” than last night as she looked a little like a loose disco ball. But don’t get me wrong, she is absolutely gorgeous even wearing a potato bag.

Angelina Jolie looked like a sequinned potato bag too. Her pewter-gold Elie Saab dress made her look matronly and though it was a nice break from last year’s peeping leg it didn’t do anything to her figure. I prefered by far the black Ateliers Versace that she wore a few days ago while receiving an honorary oscar for her humanitarian work.Unknown

I also was delighted to see Matthew Mc Conaughey take the Oscar for Best Actor as his role is “Dallas Buyers Club” but he was so fidgety and whirled up inuring his speech. A few push ups backstage would have simmer him down a bit. He is absolutely gorgeous, but a total piece of work.

And last but not least, most gorgeous woman was Charlize Theron, absolutely stunning in a black mermaid like Christian Dior Couture gown.


In the A list best dressed actresses were Kate Hudson in a divaesque white shimmery Ateliers Versace gown. She should tell her mom, Goldie Hawn, to stop borrowing her dresses and mimique her hair style though…Kate-Hudson-Oscars-2014-Red-Carpet-Dress

Sandra Bullock was absolutely gorgeous in a navy bustier Alexander Mc Queen gown and a total stunner at 49 years old!!!!

Sandra-Bullock-Oscars-2014Well, this is it for my high and lows from last nights. which were yours?

Et toi, quel président tu te taperais?

Telle fut la question qui nous occupa une bonne partie de la soirée samedi dernier sous le regard mi goguenard, mi médusé de nos chers époux. Difficile, après l’étalage dans tous les médias des amours et drames présidentiels, de trouver sujet de conversation plus adapté à un petit dîner entre amis.

A la question, “Non mais franchement, tu te taperais Hollande?” ubuesque et révulsante il y a quelques semaines, je surpris une de mes amies à répondre OUI. Ah, mais non! Quite à se taper un mec de gauche, autant se taper Strauss Kahn arguais-je.

-” Ca va pas??? Avec Strauss Kahn tu prendrai beaucoup trop cher, c’est le coup tordu assuré, je préfère de loin Hollande.” Ubuesque vous dis-je… “Et puis, DSK, il n’est pas président.”
– “Certes, mais nettement plus présidentiable et présidentiel que l’ectoplasme qui nous représente si fièrement du haut de son scooter. Et puis de toute façon, s’il y a agit un président à se taper, c’était Sarko.” De la haute voltige vous dis-je ce dîner…

Et tous les mecs de se gargariser, “Pas si mou que ça apparemment le flamby, hein? en fait, si on l’appelle Flamby s’est pour la languette”. Proust et sa recherche étaient définitivement égarés à l’ombre de la jeune Julie. Et puis, sincèrement, qu’est-ce qu’il lui a pris à Julie Gayet? Ne l’avait-on pas prévenue que le politique au pedigree quasi vierge avant d’être parachuté Président des français, grâce aux bons soins de Nafissatou, troussait les femmes s’en jamais s’engager?


Ségolène, Valérie, Anne dont le tout Paris bruisse que l’enfant issu de ses galipettes présidentielles, lui assurerait la mairie de Paris, ne sont-elles pas des gages suffisant de la volatilité de l’individu? Mademoiselle est actrice, pourquoi ne pas fureter du côté de ses comparses, des réalisateurs, producteurs et autres intermittents, si ne n’est du spectacle tout au moins de l’amour. Et cela lui permettrait de s’assurer un avenir comme l’hidalgo. Mais, non, elle veut se recycler en politique me glisse-t-on à ma droite. Ca y est, c’est le glas, la nausée et la peste  réunis. Depuis quand culbuter un homo politicus s’accompagnerai d’un diplôme de L’ENA? Oui, bon OK, je passe sur Edith Cresson et comparses, la liste serait trop longue. Et il semblerait que les alcôves soient le plus sûr moyen de s’assurer un poste de fonctionnaire publique alors étudiants, laissez tomber manuels et révisions pour aller plutôt trainer vos basques dans les raouts en tout genre. Sait-on jamais, il y en a à qui cela semble plutôt réussir …

Et quid de cette rumeur de saccage élyséen de la part d’un Rotweiler publiquement humilié qui, écumant de rage,  aura réduit en mikado pour 3 millions d’euros de Vases de Sèvres et de mobilier national?  L’histoire ne dit pas qui paiera les frais dudit carnage ni d’hospitalisation de la petiote qui, apparemment ayant égaré les clefs de son appartement, ait été contrainte d’aller se reposer à la lanterne aux frais de ce bon peuple français qui, lui au moins, la comprends.

Je t’en ficherai moi de la lanterne et de toute cette gabegie pour reprendre un terme gaullien.  Déjà que ce n’était pas gagné avec Francois comme Président normal des français, nous sommes désormais officiellement la risée du monde entier et tout voyage ou interview officiel gravite désormais autour de cette question cruciale, qui est la première dame de France? Mais pourquoi, il y en avait une avant que le scandale n’éclate? De mémoire, je n’avais connaissance que d’une dame séparée mais toujours mariée vivant en concubinage avec notre cher président au comportement exemplaire et se faisant entretenir par la République. Aux dernières nouvelles, Valérie, même officiellement cocue, refuserait de quitter l’Elysée. On la comprends, tant qu’elle arrive à faire passer des vessie pour des lanternes à tout un  pays, pourquoi changer une tactique gagnante?

Enfin bref, la France est tombée bien bas, pour le plus grand bonheur de Closer et Voici. Et en attendant, toutes les femmes respectables à ma table auraient été prêtes, en cas d’adversité, à se taper un président. Ahhhh! Chirac et ses lunettes d’écailles…



The christmas party moron

As many of you, my month of December seemed to have been a long procession of Christmas parties and I just wanted to tell you a little story that happened. My girl friends and I planned a little GNO christmas dinner in a trendy Mexico city restaurant called Bar Tomate. 8 French girls in a Mexican restaurant apparently draw some attention since a bottle of tequila magically appeared on our table. Generally, one should never accept a bottle of alcohol in Mexico. We all heard some terrifying stories about girls being kidnapped and raped after accepting a bottle in a restaurant. Truth or urban legends, nobody wanted to test them but these happened to be a table of Spaniard gentlemen. Since we didn’t touch the Tequila, they sent over a bottle of champagne. Well, we are french after all, they were spaniard not Mexican so we had a little glass of bubbly toasting the gentlemen from our table. And that apparently seamed to encourage them to come our way and chat us on.


“oh you’re are French” i love France…” If only I had a dollar for all the times I heard this one… I studied in Toulouse, do you know Toulouse. A friend of mine had the bad idea to reply that she was from Saint Rémy de Provence and between her origins, her siren like Venitian blond hair and her endless legs, she was stuck with the Spaniard for a while. They even started taking some pictures of them wedged between us, a little too much and as they say in Mexico “pesadisimo.”

Feeling in luck, they asked us to come with them to a bar because they were 8 guys, no girls and would never get in. I began to feel a little over exasperated with these GNO party poppers and bluntly told them that if them go to a gay bar, the physio would let them in with no problem. Anyways, it took them a while to understand that this was leading them nowhere and finally take off to some greener pastures and I thought I would never hear for them again…

The following evening, the love of my life took me to some Mexican friends of his that I had never meet for another Christmas dinner. My liver was starting to protest but I dutifully obliged. As usual, we were the first guest to arrive, my husband having swallowed a swiss clock at birth, the hostess was still upstairs and her husband nicely tried to make us the conversation. We were followed briefly by a couple of Spaniards, punctual europeans,  and they all talked about their different Xmas parties. I felt this was the perfect timing to tell my little adventure with these preposterous spaniards so as I began telling that we were 8 girls at Bar Tomate last night, the wife cuts me out and asks her husbands if this wasn’t the place where he was too. And the husband, bluntly and with no apparent shame asked me if we were the french girls he sent the bottle of Champagne too, he omitted the tequila one… Obviously, none of us had any recollection of the other ones face…

I felt my face flush and couldn’t meet the wife in the eyes, I felt so embarrassed for her but the husband seemed to found the whole story very amusing. He even showed me some pictures he had stored in his Iphone, why I still wonder, showing his perspiring friend with two of my girlfriends. So, this of course was the talk of the dinner party when the other guests had arrived, he found out eventually that the mean girl willing to send them off to a gay bar was me but that didn’t brush him off. He kept being a moron the whole evening and his wife being there didn’t really seem to bother him.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they got home. May be next time he will be more cautious with whom he sends off bottles to.

The Kardashians or The Bourgeois Gentilhomme family

Ooooops, they did it again. Tis is the season to adorn your house, decorate the tree, sing out loud and out of tunes christmas carols and, of course, shoot your christmas family cards. This reminds me that I am extremely late to shoot mine and my client ones..

But as usual, the Kardashians couldn’t do it the regular way and turned this family tradition into a mega production. In the lineage of the wedding – nobody seamed to have told K.K. that black for a wedding is the best way to jinx it – the wedding proposal by Yeezus in a football stadium, the list is quiet exhaustive, this 2013 family holiday card is a collector.

This time, they undoubtedly out did themselves, I must say. Famed fashion photographer of the 90’s, David Lachapelle whose style is known for saturated, kitchy picture showing off oiled toned bodies, was hired to do the job. Honestly, it must be really hard to turn down a $250,000 pay check but there are some things that are definitely not worth it. This Kardashian christmas cards seams to be high on the No-No list.

A source told Radar Online: “It took three days just to put the set together. David was extremely involved in all details of the set installation. It was Kim’s idea to get David to do the family photo Christmas picture. At first, David balked because he does photo shoots for major magazines, but Kim convinced him to do it.rs_1024x339-131201150409-1024.Kardashian-Christmas-Card-Hi-Res.jl.120113_copy

“It wasn’t a cheap photo shoot, and the production company of Keeping Up With The Kardashians paid the $250,000 invoice. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, were all paid for by production, and the Kardashians didn’t pay one dime for their Christmas card!” How am I not surprised?

This panoramic shot is so atrocious that I do not know where to start. The blond, all boobs out Kim which christmas ham leg seams to be the only allusions to the holidays?


The two younger ones whose name I never manage to remember trying to look fierce stepping on some trashy magazine while, by zooming in, we discover that the indian goddess on the wood work behind them looks strangely like K.K.?


Kourtney looking like a lion and Khloé looking like a nun in comparison both stuck with the kids? Well, I must say that the little boy is the only one striking a natural pose on this photo, he looks bored to tears.


Kris in the forefront of the shot, why am I not surprised? Wearing a headpiece that makes her look like a Ceasar Palace waitress?

Or last but not least in the ridiculous scale, Bruce trying to escape from what looks like a teleportation case from Star Trek? Is it a hint that he wanted to divorce and escape the circus that his life has become? And what is with the hair? Did he got extensions? Is it a wig? Please note the neither subliminal nor subdued cashier letters behind him…

Although Mason and Penelope made an appearance in the family Christmas card, Kim’s daughter North wasn’t in the shot and neither was her fiancé Kanye West. In fact, none of the guys were in the shot except for Bruce. Not bankable enough?

Well please, Kardashian clan, we know your are extremely wealthy but taste doesn’t necessary come with money as it obviously  shows here, if somebody had still any doubts. The mix of panty high slits, big hair, casino, bank notes, neon lights and gold doesn’t really mean elegance. A little tip here, as Coco Chanel always said, less is more. Why not try something a little undertones next year.

And pssss Kim, for your next big event or for your most anticipated wedding, try the magic of LOKIS candle-lit events, you’ll be amazed and for once praised for your tastes.