50 famous quotes by fashion Icons

Fashion weeks are never really over in the fashion world since they seam to unravel one after the other in a well season cycle. New York, Paris, Milan, they all are the theatre of new trends, new silhouettes, new hairdos and make up trends.

But style lies between the gimmicks of fashionista and trend followers. I just came across this Harper Bazaar online article by Sarah Lindig selecting the 50 most famous quotes from fashion icons. I am not quite convinced that Lady Gaga can qualify as a Fashion Icon, nor by her  quote ““And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.”


Chanel and Saint Laurent are true master of elegance and imprinted in their collections this indefinable “allure” so envied to chic parisians.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” —Coco Chanel

I have a soft spot for Manolo Blahnik’s one, “Men tell me that I’ve saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it’s cheaper than a divorce. So I’m still useful, you see”

To read more of this delectable quotes, go to 50 Famous Quotes from Fashion Icons – Famous Fashion Quotes – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine


OK, Miley. We know you’re not a virgin anymore

And please stop rubbing it in our face, fortunately, you are not the only one having sex.

What happens to ex Disney Princesses? I still remember that phase Britney Spears went through when she started dated that retarded Wannabe singer Kevin Federline and couldn’t stop bragging about the tons of sex they had. As it happens, Miley Cyrus is ditching her princess attire as well, showing up on the red carpet in outfits that delights the Fashion Police.

I totally understand that growing up and finding your own personality can be challenging for any teenager. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for child stars who spent their youth behind cameras and being prompted for every line they uttered. But clumsiness or the eventual fashion disaster is a thing, what Miley is making us endure is another.

Just look at her latest appearence for the 2013 VMAS performance. Usually, when we hear Christmas and Chanel, we start doing a little victory dance but she single handedly managed to ruin our two favourite “C’s” in a split second. OK, everyone who knows me knows I am a big Chanel fan but this dead skunk looking purse that she is carrying is not the greatest one the Kaiser had designed. And who goes on stage singing carrying a purse?????



And she seamed to have found the North Pole and couldn’t stop gyrating against it.




The look on Will Smith and his family says it all…



It is vulgar, distasteful and all in all unattractive. She went from Disney princess to white slutty trash and is a terrible example for the kids who buy her music. Go home and rest Miley or you will end up in a rehab centre with as completely shaved head.

Bitter sweet 2014

2014 has yet to come with its festivities, trips, surprises and good resolutions. For us expats, it will also mean saying goodbye to friends whose path we have been fortunate enough to cross. We wouldn’t have met them if we had stayed in our little parisian neighborghood, that’s for sure. We didn’t even know they existed. As I said to my beloved husband when he told me we were to move to Mexico, “I am sure that they are tons of wonderful people there but I do not care, I do not know them, my friends are in Paris and NYC.” Mean girl, I know.

And wonderful people indeed I have met. And two of my best girl friends here in Mexico city are leaving for new horizons. One for Miami, the other for Cuba. How I hate their husbands right now to take them away from me and leave me behind. But how situations change over a few years. Thanks to their friendship, I learn to like my life here in Mexico. I know it is not THE end, and thanks to Skype, internet and all modern means of communication, we will keep in touch. But it will get harder to have lunch together or to see each other at pick up.

And it is not only for us grownups that it is tough. My little ones had developed some great friendships here and they too, we have to say goodbye, again. They all have emails, too but still. And I cannot but wonder what will they learn from this expat life that we bestowed upon them, what adults they will become? But they are tough and resilient cookies and will grow stronger, I am sure. As there will be many other Halloweens…



Or beach vacations in the Carribeans



As well as hot air balloon flights above Teotihuacan pyramids


Many more Dîners en blanc L1010319

Well, this year, Kylian has to say goodbye earlier than the usual June deadline to two very good friends of his. They both decided to beat the tears and wish you all a very happy year 2014, wherever you are headed. You will stay in our hearts forever and we are lucky that our path have crossed.


Kate Moss bares it all for Playboy

Finally, the highly anticipated Kate Moss spread in the 60th anniversary edition of Playboy has been revealed today. Who would have thought that the magazine which generally shows off curvaceous 60 like pin ups had fallen for the Twig? Far from the regular image of Hugues Heffner bunnies, Kate Moss ads a couture spin to the magazine and the images shot photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are undoubtedly hot. I am not a huge expert on playboy’s iconography but I am quiet sure it is the first time they show off someone known for her lack of curves. ImageNo vulgar poses here, everything is subtle and subdued. Who said you had to be a 36E to be sexy? Small and forty can be very hot too, especially when you have razor sharp cheek bones, feline eyes and pouty lips. Check it out…




UNICEF fashion dolls for Darfur Children

The Paris petit Palais is the stage of the most unusual fashion show. from now till December 1st, it will host the world’s most fashionable dolls. For its 11th edition of the annual Frimousse des Créateurs, some major fashion houses have created a one-off doll to be sold at a UNICEF auction on Decembre 2nd. Designers this year had to create a doll symbolising their vision of “Wonderful Paris”. All proceeds will go towards providing vaccination for children in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Here are some of my favourites dolls, too bad I only have boys.

The Chanel one, very Mademoiselle…


The Chantal Thomass one, or how to transform the iron Lady into a doll.ImageThe very elegant Christian Dior one which looks like she is on a no carb dietImage

The shopaholic glam’ punk Lanvin dollImage


The byzantine all carb diet Dolce and Gabbana dollImage


The Prada one which looks like she smoked something a little stronger than no filter Gauloises



And the very unsettling Yvette Horner doll with her accordion by Jean-Paul Gaultier , not sure a little girl will fall for itImage


The Kaiser at Sciences Po Paris

On November 19th, there was a major fashion commotion in the respectable Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, a.k.a. Sciences Po. The Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld, fashion mogul and artistic designer since 1982 at Chanel, gave a master class to students whose fashion attire generally consists of cashmere twin sets, pearl necklaces and loafers.


As shocking as always, Mr. Lagerfeld said revealed to his mesmerised audience that he never collided with Mademoiselle Chanel who most probably would have hated him if they had met each other. But Mademoiselle and the Kaiser share more than one thing in common, their love of tweed, gallon, and the mystery around there birth date. Mr Lagerfeld who always surrounds himself with youth, recently admitted to be born in 1935, which gives him an honourable age of 79 years old.

In a France glued in social reforms and the 35 weekly labor hours, Mr Lagerfeld joked about wishing for a 48h day, being always pushing for time. “Education is good, but it’s not enough,” said Mr. Lagerfeld who left his native Germany at the tender age of 16 to come work in the PAris fashion industry. “I never studied, I never had time.” Got to love KL and his witty sense of humour. Well, if i had known that one day the Kaiser were to give a class at Sciences Po, I would not have turned them down, stupid me…

Studies are not enough, but you got to have talent. Chanel, which celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of Coco”s first shop in Deauville which opened in summer 1913, counts now with 300 outlets including 185 boutiques in cities such as Sao Paolo, Calgary, Brisbane, Mexico City and Istambul. A century and still going strong, Chanel is THE most desirable luxury label and thanks to Mr. Lagerfeld talent, you know a Chanel when you see it. 

Remember the iconic phrase from Carrie Bradshaw handing out a Chanel jacket and asking her friend Stanford to swear on Chanel? Or when she said she will be buried in Chanel? Well, Chanel is nowadays a brand to invest in and vintage websites and boutiques go high and low to hunt some unique pieces that would turn into investment ones.



Who knows, may be the Sces Po. students will turn down there Barbour coats and adopt the “resilles mittens”

Skulls by Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen

It is weird that they didn’t think of it earlier knowing the fascination they both have for skulls. So the house of Mac Queen waited for the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf to come up with an exclusive collection. 



The Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen scarf collection consists of 30 unique designs each one adapted from Damien Hirst’s Entomology series – butterflies, bugs, spiders and other insects. Which makes total sense when looking at the previous Mc Queen collections where insects have been extremely presents in the shape of shiny armour like dresses. The beatles  have been worked to form kaleidoscopic geometric shapes, laid out to create the signature McQueen skull motif. The collaboration seamlessly plays on the shared aesthetic vision of Hirst and McQueen, in which an interest in symmetrical design is combined with strong references to the natural world.



Too bad they didn’t do it earlier when Mc Queen was still alive.

The collection offers 30 unique designs exclusively available from Alexander McQueen boutiques and online at www. alexandermcqueen.com from Friday 15th November 

Photography by Sølve Sundsbø