Bring back our girls

Last April 14th, so a month ago, 200 girls were abducted from their school in the Northeastern village of Chibok by terrorists. The rapt has been claimed by Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Nigerian militant Islamist group Boko Haram who released a video calling for a release of Boko Haram militants in Nigerian jails in exchange for some of the  girls that they hadn’t converted to Islam yet.

Honestly, this is utterly shocking and I am ashamed to see that it took several weeks to get this publicly and internationally talked about. When a plane tragically crash into the sea, international medias are on a 24-7 coverage and governments spend fortunes trying to locate the vessel which is absolutely normal. Victims family should know where and how they loved ones disappeared and if they are still out there. But when it comes to school girls in a remote and unknown village in some African country (Nigeria? Liberia? whatever…) nobody moves for weeks. The first one to make a move and who came with this poster than is now viral is the FLOTUS, aka Michelle Obama.


And I am very glad she did because just 4 days ago the #bringbackourgirls campaign went viral in every social media. Malala chimed in, another victime of pure violence and obscurantism,


followed by Ellen DeGeneres,

ImagePuff Daddy who couldn’t help adding his own touch to it.


The fashion industry followed suit with Cara Delevingne and it girl Alexa Chung which made a lipstick version of it (hey, anything goes, really)

ImageImageDo you think it is normal for school girls to be abducted on the school ground while they were taking some physics test ? What kind of threat did these school girls represent? Who are these armed terrorists claiming their allegiance to Islam?  What is this Islam these people state to belong to? It is outrageous to see in 2014 such a demonstration of violence and ignorance. Milleniums of history have brought no wisdom nor knowledge to some human beings, if we can still call them human.  They cover their crimes behind a distorted view of a religion they call their own but which is only a disguise for violence and terrorism. The view of these zombie like girls chanting words which were imposed upon them and bore absolutely no meaning for them was absolutely heart breaking. Is that what these Abo Bakar people were trying to do? Eradicate any knowledge and transforme women into a lobotomised army of ghosts?

My mother is catholic and my dad is muslim both of them non religious. I do not have a religion. I do believe in a greater creative force but not in religion. My friends are catholic, muslim, jewish, buddhist, religious, non religious… As a friend of mine use to say, you are what you were born to. I do respect people’s faith and believes as long as they respect mine.

But claiming that Islam is against girls been educated as we see in this case or in Afghanistan is absolute ignorance and completely outrageous.  Why have women and girls have represented a threat in many societies, whatever religion they were, all over the centuries? Is it because we have the power to give life that some dangerous fanatics think we shouldn’t be educated and hence transmit a knowledge?Why are women of all religious kept under a thick cloth by some fanatics of all religion? Is that a symbol of the veil of ignorance that we are trying to cast upon them?

Anyways, I think these poor girls had absolutely nothing to do with any political cause whatsoever and that the criminals who did that had absolutely no right to drag them into this. School girls in exchange of soldiers whose had are probably maculated in blood? These people have no moral nor faith despite of what they claim. Which god would ever ask for such a trade?

And what if it were your girls that had been abducted in their class room and taken in some remote and unknown place for some obscure cause????? Nobody talks about it in Mexico, this is why the boys and I came up with our own #bringbackourgirls campaign. And for those who may wonder why is our dog in the picture well, one the worst insult in islamic countries is to name someone a dog. Our dog is a female, aka bitch, so you get the picture.