g a young mother in the name of god

Today, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag has been sentenced to death by Khartoum judges. This pregnant 27 year old mother of a 20 months old baby has been found guilty of apostasy, the public and willing giving up of one’s religion.


“We gave you three days to renounce your faith but you insisted on not coming back to Islam.” said the judge who condemned her to a hundred lashes for adultery (her husband being catholic) and death by hanging.

Amnesty International condemned the sentence and asked for her immediate liberation, in vain. Last Tuesday, the U.S, Canadian, British and Deutsch embassies told their fear for this young woman’s life, asking the Soudan government to respect freedom of religion and the right to change religion or believes. This right may have been written in the Sudanese constitution, in any Islamic Republic, the father transmits his religion, wether he has been present in the life of his children or not. Changing religion is pointless. Your father is muslim, you will be born, live and die a muslim, no matter what.

Meriam got married to a southern Sudan catholic. Being herself matter of factly muslim by birth even if she was raised in the catholic faith, her marriage isn’t valid for muslim laws and Sudan government. Her children are to be born under X or unknown father. It would have been the same in any other Islamic Republic or country were Islam is the government of state. Hence the accusation of adultery and the 100 lashes.


While being sentenced, Meriem Yahia Ibrahim Ishag stood still calmly stating that she  never committed apostasy which is true since she has been raised in the catholic faith and never renounced it. This is without knowing that islamic law… The husband has to be muslim. If he is not, then he can convert in front of an Imam and the process is a lot simpler than for a woman to convert into judaism.

The only thing I do not understand is where is the husband? Or father of her children? I assume he is catholic too.  So why nobody thought about getting him in front of an Imam in order to save his wife and children’s life? Why doesn’t he step up and stand in front of these barbarian Khartoum judges to convert to Islam? That is the ONLY solution to preserve his wife and baby to be’s life, Meriam is 8 months old pregnant and I highly doubt the baby, nor her,  in the womb would resist the 100 lashes.

WHERE IS MERIEM’S HUSBAND? And where is the French government too because I heard him give its opinion on several matters, more or less relevant but when’re does it stand in this case?

The world has definitively gone mad and criminals are prosecuting their crimes in total impunity, hiding themselves behind God’s will. Or so they say. Whose god would ask for the life of an 8 month pregnant mother because she married in the wrong faith? My thoughts go to Meriem, her son and her baby and I really hope for a miracle. To many women have already paid for men madness.