Tiger Mom or Cougar Town?

Yes, one could wonder while seeing this pic. Don’t worry, I was just standing in the rain, watching my kids playing tennis, like every afternoon. Rain or shine…


But while the majority of “soccer moms ” will support their kids is sweat pants, leave it to the french to wear something a little more glam’. Here I chose a Zara Classic day dress in leopard print which will give me the opportunity to tell you a little more about leopard in fashion.

Cavemen use to wear leopard furs to protect them from the cold but also to gain strength and courage from the animal spirit. In 2565 AD, the Egyptian princess Néfertiabet was buried in an asymmetrical leopard sheath, a symbol of power and hommage to Bastet , protective goddess  of mothers and children but also to Sekhmet, goddess of destructives forces. These two feline divinities evoked  both woman creative and destructive powers.

In 1925, the american actress Marian Nixon creates a buzz while trotting down Hollywood Boulevard with a leopard on leash, living version of her fur coat.

ImageIn the U.S, leopard print was the staples of starlets and always had a tacky version. The first Grand Couturier to use leaper print not only fir and turn it into a beacon of elegance was Monsieur Christian Dior with the launch of his Couture house in 1947. Yes, leopard prints were part of the new look and it was  an instant hit within the clients. Below here is the “Afrique” evening dress and her little sister “Jungle” afternoon dress from the SS1947 collection both of which I would gladly wear today.

Christain-Dior-Leopard-print-dress-1947Dior 1947

This August 29th 1953 leopard print bustier gown covered sequins is an absolute beauty

620078-29-aout-1953-robe-de-soiree-imprime-637x0-3and we can admire its modern version in John Galliano for Christian Dior 2008 Haute Couture Collection

images-5 images-6

Though the leopard print has been despised by the bourgeoisie who found it vulgar and offensive, it continued to go strong decade after decade and survived any fashion trend imposing itself as a wardrobe staple.

Catherine Deneuve, Yves Saint Laurent absolute muse and perfect image of ice cold femininity, adopted leopard prints through out her life. Here in the 70’s wearing a leopard print trench coat, the mere essence of the “Rive Gauche”, both independent and teasing to be tamed by the right man.

images-1French-fashion-designer-Yves-Saint-Laurent-and-beautiful-actress-Catherine-Deneuve-4 Actress Deneuve kisses designer Yves Saint Laurent during the first France Fashion "Oscar" Gala in Parisimages

And is still able to teach Kate Moss some major fashion lesson throughout the lens of Patrick Demarchelier.image5



During his Fall Winter 1997-98 Couture Collection, Jean-Paul Gaultier sent down the catwalk a satin and leopard fur bustier gown which sent the PETA association through the roof. They were really close to throwing a pot of paint at the insulting garment. Thank got they didn’t.

defile-jean-paul-gaultier-automne-hiver-1997-1998_4064178 Alaïa, Dolce Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli , all three brands known for their voluptuous and sensual vision of women make a prodigal use of the famous print. Dolce and Gabbana being famous for lining their clothe with it.



From accessories to make up, perfumes and even kids collections, the leopard print is everywhere.

Unknown images-4 images-1 images-3

But do not forget that the first one to use it for a perfume ad was again Monsieur Christian Dior in 1949 for his  Miss Dior perfume illustration by Gruau in 1949, still so modern and feminine . And this powerful animal still leads the way for empowered yet feminine and seductive women all over the world. the only downside, you can never go cheap with leopard unless you have style and you know it.





Christian Dior ready to wear 2014-15

The pictures from the Christian Dior ready to wear show just came in and I must say I was really disappointed. Raf Simons presented a rather unconvincing collection with a lot of laced up pieces which would have looked nice if they weren’t laced up with thick shoe laces. No, I am not kidding. The shoe laces look cheap either on the Kermit green coat or on the brown dress. The biased coat sleeves are nice, elegant and add a couture look to the piece but very unpractical under frigid temperatures.00470h_1280x1920 00290h_1280x1920

Mr. Simons should rethink his vision of dresses as he sent down the runway some very bulky ones which look made out of a down blanket and don’t really do much for the silhouette. If they are fattening on a tall and skinny model, just imagine what we would look like in them.


Other dresses are hanging loose on bodys, not doing anything for the silhouette. Is Mr. Simmons going back to his sportswear roots? Probably. But as Karl Lagerfeld sent down the runway elegant and body fitting silhouettes paired with sparkly sneakers for Chanel Haute Couture collection a few weeks ago, the sparkly potato bag looking dresses do not really convince me.


And the color associations seen on some cocktail gowns are not really working either as Raf Simons seams to stick to colour blocking. Not everyone can master the art of color mixing as did with virtuoso Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Lacroix. 00180h_1280x1920 00200h_1280x1920 00210h_1280x1920

But there was some nice pieces though, like the very tailored double breasted jackets wearer with flirty mini skirts.00250h_1280x1920

Or some nice black dresses. The shoes were resumed to the same pair of wedged sandal declined in a variation of 3 color blocks, again… Not very wintery either, especially with the tiny peep toe.

00300h_1280x1920I really don’t know what Mr Arnaud was thinking when he hired Raf Simons for Christian Dior when someone as talented as Olivier Theyskens would have done wonders to the couture house.

50 famous quotes by fashion Icons

Fashion weeks are never really over in the fashion world since they seam to unravel one after the other in a well season cycle. New York, Paris, Milan, they all are the theatre of new trends, new silhouettes, new hairdos and make up trends.

But style lies between the gimmicks of fashionista and trend followers. I just came across this Harper Bazaar online article by Sarah Lindig selecting the 50 most famous quotes from fashion icons. I am not quite convinced that Lady Gaga can qualify as a Fashion Icon, nor by her  quote ““And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.”


Chanel and Saint Laurent are true master of elegance and imprinted in their collections this indefinable “allure” so envied to chic parisians.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” —Coco Chanel

I have a soft spot for Manolo Blahnik’s one, “Men tell me that I’ve saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it’s cheaper than a divorce. So I’m still useful, you see”

To read more of this delectable quotes, go to 50 Famous Quotes from Fashion Icons – Famous Fashion Quotes – Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine

Is blue really the warmest colour?

Ok, Ok, it is not really blue but three different shades of purple, one being quite blueish, that stroke me on my daily zoe report this morning. I did a lot of stupid things in the name of fashion like highlighting my hair to the point it turned almost platinum blond – yes, I still have some pictures, no, over my dead body-cropping them super short which made me look like a hen, wear platform sneakers 18 years ago when Isabel Marant hadn’t break the fashion ground with hers yet, wearing a black knee long angora sweater in NYC which made look like King Kong but, hey, I bought it in New York etc. etc.

The list is endless but this is definitely NOT a trend I will even dare to try. On which regular human can this look good, and I am not talking about Halloween Night? Even Miranda Kerr would look artificial and plasticky with it. Or that she had just drowned shooting one of her exotic beach Kora Organics commercial

527c2ca265264These lipstick shades are THE men repellers by excellence, along with Birkenstocks, “Noir de Noir” and “Blue Rebel” Chanel nail polish. Though I do wear those polishes no matter what chéri thinks, after all, he’s just a man and we have been together for over 13 years.

But this, no, no, no.

Let’s just hope that Kim Kardashian do not turn it into a trend, after all, she is suffering from a massive blonditis right now, anything can happen..

But you can find some truly nice shade in the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Collection by visiting www.yslexperience.com/en-US/rouge-pur-couture